About Us

Craig Wilson Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals:  Craig hails from Bakersfield California and has been playing bluegrass music since his teens.  An accomplished mandolin player with bands such as Stoney Point and Pacific Crest. Craig switched to guitar and handles most of the singing and guitar work for the Roustabouts.  Craig is also a luthier and builds very fine Loar Style mandolins under the Wilson name.

Shawn Criswell Banjo/Vocals:  Shawn makes his home in Visalia California and plays the 5 string banjo. Shawn plays with drive and power and is recognized has having one of the best right hands in the west.  Shawn's early encounter with Scott Vestal and Terry Baucaum shaped Shawn's approach to playing the banjo.  Shawn also sings most of the baritone parts for Roustabouts. 

Brian Hacker Doghouse Bass/Vocals: Brian lives in Exeter California and has been playing bluegrass for years in local bluegrass bands around the San Joaquin Valley. Brian has played with Highway 65, Groundspeed, and others. Brians great tone and solid rythmn provide the foundation to The Roustabouts music.  Brian also sings bass on our gospel numbers.

Kelvin Gregory Mandolin/Guitar/Vocals:  Kelvin resides in Bakersfield California and has been playing bluegrass music off and on since the early 80's. Originally a bass player Kelvin made the swith to mandolin and played with Highway 65 prior to The Roustabouts.  Kelvin plays in the Monroe style and loves the "high lonesome sound" of the bluegrass pioneers.  Kelvin also sings tenor parts in the band.

Paul Lee Fiddle/Vocals: Paul lives in Arroyo Grande California and is recognized as one of the top bluegrass fiddle players in the west.  His soulful playing is just what the doctor ordered and his breakdowns will have you tapping your toes.  Paul has played and toured with many bands including Open Road, and The Del Williams Band.  Paul is also a fiddle instructor and judge at fiddle contests.